Cricket is undeniably one of the well-known sports worldwide, especially in countries like India, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It is no surprise that this team sport is popular in the sports betting world, too. If you are new to cricket betting, we are here to help you by providing you with essential information about IPL 2024 and the basics of cricket betting.

How does cricket betting work?

One of the critical skills in sports gambling is understanding the markets in cricket betting. Cricket betting sites usually offer odds for each match event within a cricket tournament. Punters can place their wager on the selected odds that the player is offering.

The payout that you will receive once you win depends on the outcome of that particular match that you place your bet on, such as a win, a loss, or a draw. You win the cricket bet once your prediction of the outcome is correct.

How do you wager on the best IPL 2024 team?

In cricket, there are plenty of cricket markets to bet on, and you can choose the cricket tournament that you are already familiar with. If you are a fan of IPL 2024, you can look for odds about IPL matches to bet on from the gaming site of your preference.

In order to get started in cricket betting, you need to create an account on a reputable sports betting site that offers cricket odds. Once you have created an account, you can place your deposit that you can use.

From the list of odds, choose the one that is based on the particular match that you wish to bet on. Once you are done, click the deposit button and wait for the game’s outcome to check if you have won the bet.

Types of Bet in Cricket

There is a myriad of bet types being used in sports events, but only a few are ideal for the sport of cricket. You can pick the kind of bets you want to use and check out if they are available on the sports betting platform of your preference.


The outright bet is the most straightforward and popular type of sports bet being used in cricket. In outright, you simply place a wager on which team you think will win the cricket match of the IPL 2024.

Match Props

There are many prop bets that exist in sports betting, and one of them is the match bet. Match bets refer to the type of bet that doesn’t depend on the game’s outcome but instead takes advantage of the other aspects of the match, such as which team has the highest batting score or which has the most run-outs.

Players Props

Players’ props are also similar to match prop bets because it doesn’t rely on the match’s outcome. These proposition bets are player-related, such as which player is the best batsman or which cricketer is the Man of the Match.


The futures bet is an outright wager that lets players predict who will win the match or the entire competition. Futures are placed before the tournament begins instead of live or in-play betting.

Tips on the Best IPL Team Betting

In order to be successful in cricket betting, you need to employ several strategies to boost your chances of winning. Here are the most essential tips and techniques in cricket betting.

Study the team and players

The first thing you need to do to boost your winning probability is to immerse yourself in the basic information about the team you are betting on. By doing so, you can easily predict the performance of the team at the IPL 2024 because you are well acquainted with the team.

Look for the best odds

The odds are a numerical representation of the correlation between your wager payout and the probability of your winnings. There are plenty of odds being offered by sportsbooks on each match, but not all of them are ideal. Make sure that the odds you are betting on are lucrative enough.

Try in-play bets

Live or in-play bets are the type of wager placed before the match. This bet type is much better in the sense that you can assess the performance of the team in a given game in real-time, and you can adjust your bets accordingly.

Final words

Indeed, cricket betting markets, especially IPL 2024, are one of the most lucrative sports in the betting world. If you are a newbie in sports betting, you must employ certain tricks to boost your probability of winning huge bucks. Good luck!