The Gujarat Titans are one of the newcomers in the Indian Premier League that were introduced ahead of the 2022 edition of the tournament. Even though they are a younger squad, the IPL best team has already made a significant achievement since its establishment. Discover the history and other essential facts about the Gujarat Titans.

Here is our short introduction to one of the dark horses of the Indian Premier League.

Franchise History

Prior to the establishment of the Gujarat Titans, there was a now-defunct team, the Gujarat Lions. The Gujarat Lions was founded in 2016, and they previously played in the Indian Premier League. However, the franchise immediately disbanded following the conclusion of the 2017 edition. 

The franchise was established in response to the temporary suspension of the Rajasthan Royals, who were the perpetrators of the 2013 IPL gambling scandal. As a consequence, the Board of Control for Cricket in India made a decision to establish a new franchise as a replacement for the suspended cricket club—this is where the Gujarat Lions came into the picture.

The franchise was owned by Keshav Bansal, a loyal cricket fan who dreamed of establishing a squad that could compete in the Indian Premier League.  

The Gujarat Titans were established in 2021 as one of two new teams introduced in the IPL, expanding the league from 8 to 10 teams. The IPL best team was formed as part of the IPL’s expansion plan and represented the state of Gujarat.

In their inaugural IPL season in 2022, the Gujarat Titans made an impressive impact, showcasing solid performances from both their domestic and international players. They were known for their balanced team composition and strategic gameplay.

IPL Best Team History

During their debut season, the Gujarat Titans were presided over by the team captain, Brendon McCullum, who is from New Zealand. 

The IPL best team had a remarkable season, winning their first three matches in the tournament. Their luck continued throughout the group stage, landing on the third spot, eventually leading to their advancement to the finals.

However, even though they came out strong throughout the season, their dream of winning their first title was crushed when they were defeated by the Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad

Despite their disheartening end of the season, the Gujarat Titans were still a strong contender in the Indian Premier League, which eventually they demonstrated in their second campaign. They landed on the fourth spot on the table and once again showcased their vast potential. 

The Titans had an impressive campaign during the 2022 edition of the IPL. During the whole run, they were at the forefront of the group stage, with ten victories among their 14 appearances. Eventually, they defeated the Rajasthan Royals in their home ground during the finals, which was the first win in the franchise’s history. 

Unlike their 2022 campaign, the Titans had a lukewarm season, but they still managed to advance to the finals and went home as runners-up.


The official logo of the Gujarat Titans was just a stylised text bearing the franchise’s name in dark blue and gold accents. The motto and official anthem of the IPL best team was “Aava De”, a Gujarati word meaning “Bring it on!”

The team’s home ground is the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. This stadium is one of the largest cricket stadiums in the world, providing a significant home advantage for the Titans. 

The Gujarat Titans have a visually pleasing jersey with an iconic blue background and a thunderbolt design on each side of the uniform.


The Gujarat Titans have been owned by CVC Capital Partners since 2022, and it is a company that was based in Europe. The company itself was owned by Steve Colts. 

The ownership was granted to CVC Capital after they won the bid on the auction in which the franchise was worth 75 billion. Meanwhile, the official sponsor for their uniform was Ather and BKT.

Notable Players

Even though the franchise is still new, there are plenty of cricketers from Gujarat TItans who have made significant performances in the tournament. These players have emerged from their positions on the pitch and showcased their incredible prowess on the field. 

The IPL best team featured a mix of experienced and young players. Key players included Hardik Pandya, who was also the team captain, Rashid Khan, a prominent spinner from Afghanistan, and several other domestic and international cricket stars.

Hardik Pandya


Pandya played in the Indian Premier League for the first time in 2015. During that time, Pandya was only playing for the Mumbai Indians, in which he hit 42 wickets and produced 1476 runs.

Eventually, the Gujarat Titans bought him for US$1.9 million. During his debut season on the squad, he produced 487 runs with a batting rate of over 130. He also hit eight wickets during the season and became instrumental in helping the Gujarat Titans achieve their first title in the league.  

David Miller

Miller had an impressive campaign in the 2022 edition of the IPL with his 481 runs at a strike rate 142.72. This feat put his incredible proto at the forefront. 

He appreciated the encouragement of the team and also assisted his teammates on many occasions. However, his performance in the 2023 season could have gone better despite having a solid start.


The Gujarat Titans quickly developed a dedicated fan base, with the team’s branding and marketing efforts contributing to their popularity. Their IPL best team colours and logo became recognisable symbols in the IPL.

The introduction of the Gujarat Titans and their success contributed to the growing competitiveness and global appeal of the IPL. It also provided a platform for emerging cricket talent from Gujarat and India.


The Gujarat Titans’ journey in the IPL represents the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the league, showcasing how new teams can rise to prominence and significantly impact the tournament’s landscape.