Cricket has been one of the top sports in the world, not only for sports fans but also for punters. The sporting world is gearing towards the upcoming event in cricket, the IPL 2024. There is no better time to start than now, so we will provide you with a primer on cricket betting.

How does Cricket Betting work?

Just like in other forms of sports, cricket betting involves anticipating the outcome of a cricket match or tournament. The usual method consists of choosing a legitimate online gambling site that offers cricket betting odds, creating an account, and placing your wager. 

There are plenty of betting options for cricket, such as match betting, live or in-play betting, and prop bets. It is better to keep yourself updated with the latest news on the cricket you wish to bet on, such as general team news, player transfers, injuries, and other relevant information about the IPL 2024 team.

Types of cricket match

Unlike its predecessor, association football, which only has a single format, cricket, on the other hand, is played in three different forms. The forms are Test (which is the traditional and the longest), T20 (which is the most popular), and One-Day Internationals (ODI). Each format has its unique quality, gameplay, and regulations that set it apart from each other.


Test cricket is the most sacred form of the game due to its traditional gameplay. The tournament lasts five days, making it the most extended format in the sport. While the game guarantees extensive play, it also involves a series of austere tests for players’ stamina and endurance.


T20 Cricket is deemed as the most popular format of the sport of cricket. Unlike Test cricket tournaments, T20 has a shorter duration and allows much more fast-paced gameplay. This format is much more perfect for cricket fans of the IPL 2024 who prefer to indulge in their favourite sport and, at the same time, prioritise other forms of commitment. 

This format also allows players to showcase their diverse skills because the matches are more dynamic and less rigid. The most popular tournament in T20 cricket is the Indian Premier League or IPL.

One Day

One-day internationals are a type of cricket tournament played in one day. The game allows sports fans to indulge in a match with 100 overs. The top-notch tournament in one-day cricket is the ODI World Cup, an international tournament involving teams from other cricketing nations.

What are the odds in cricket?

Cricket odds are a representation of the probability of a particular result of an IPL 2024 match, such as the overall performance of a player or the outcome of a game. There are plenty of formats of cricket odds, but the most popular are decimal, fractional, and American odds. These odds represent the total winnings a player will receive, including the original wager, depending on the outcome of a particular match or set of games.

Types of bets in cricket

Cricket betting

Just like in other types of sports, there are plenty of bets you can do in cricket. These types of bets allow punters to place their bets on various aspects of a cricket game.


The outright bet type is considered the most straightforward sports bet in cricket. In an outright bet, you only predict who will be the overall winner of a particular tournament or series. The odds are typically offered before the match, and wagers are placed before the game begins. If you predict the overall winner correctly, you will receive a huge payout.


The Over/Under type of bet is much more complicated than the outright bet because the payout doesn’t depend on which team has won but if the game you bet on has an outcome closer to what the bookmaker has set. For example, if the bookmaker has developed a 100 over/under odd, the total score of the game must be closer to 100. Only then will you be provided with a decent payout.

Man of the Match

The “Man of the Match” is a hugely popular type of bet in cricket in which it predicts the player who will receive the award of the same name.

Series Winner

Unlike Outright betting, where bettors have to predict the overall winner of a particular match, Series Winner bets involve predicting the winner of the series of tournaments, making it a difficult feat.

Top cricket tournaments to bet on

In the sport of cricket, there are a lot of tournaments that are deemed bet-worthy. These tournaments are the ultimate test of the strength and endurance of professional players from all backgrounds. Here are the games in cricket:

IPL 2024

The Indian Premier League, known simply as IPL, is the elite cricket tournament in India. The competition was patterned from the top leagues in other sports, such as the English Premier League and the NBA. The Indian Premier League follows a T20 cricket format, and it is known for its highly intense and thrilling competition, especially the upcoming IPL 2024.


The Big Bash League, or BBL, is a famous cricket tournament held annually in Australia. The format of this exciting cricket league involves a series of matches that are participated by city-based teams. The BBL follows a T20 format of cricket competition, and it is highly regarded for its fast-paced and engaging gameplay.


The One-Day International, or ODI, is an international cricket competition that involves national teams from various cricketing countries. This particular tournament, like the IPL 2024, has the shortest duration among cricket formats. For online bettors who are also fans of international cricket, this competition is perfect, and it allows punters to engage in exciting gameplay while testing their luck.

How to bet on cricket?

To get started in cricket betting, ensure you have an account in a reputable online betting platform. Here are the steps on how to bet on cricket:

  • Study the rules and teams in the cricket competition you wish to bet on.
  • Create an account on a sportsbook.
  • Place a deposit into your bankroll.
  • Select the match you want to bet on.
  • Place your wager.
  • Watch the game and wait for the outcome.

Final words

Cricket has become a popular category in online sports betting. The sport’s intensive and engaging realm is a testament to its popularity among sports fans and online gamblers. Now that you know the basics make sure you bet responsibly.