The celebrated Indian Premier League, now on its 16th edition, is going full steam ahead and providing fans with excitement as the hype over the games grows daily. We have considered that perhaps it is time to rank the best IPL teams in 2023. Recalling those moments in IPL history, let’s relive past matches of the most popular cricket league in the world. Most, if not all, IPL teams are highly skilled in this sport, are well-trained for physical engagements that are necessary to excel in cricket, and are clever enough to come up with strategies to outmatch their opponents in the field.

best ipl teams
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The Best IPL Teams in 2023 Ranked

Among the top 10 cricket teams in the IPL, Mumbai Indians are the most dominant on the field, with the Chennai Super Kings following a close second with their highly skilled and experienced players. Meanwhile, Delhi Capitals got the bad end of the stick and set a record for the most matches lost in an IPL season. However, if you put the wins and losses aside, you will definitely bathe in the thrill of the matches completely! In this article, we will discuss the 5 best IPL teams in 2023.

best ipl teams

Mumbai Indians Tops the Chart of Most Wins in IPL

The Mumbai Indians, captained by Rohit Sharma, have been the most triumphant team in the IPL, both in terms of match victories and securing championships. Team Mumbai played a total of 247 games between 2008 – 2011, and won 138 times out of the 247 games, garnering an average win of 55.87%, which is the highest in all of the IPL. The team also boasts one of the world’s best openers, Rohit Sharma, and two premier bowlers, Jasprit Bumrah and Jofra Archer. Because of their resilience and tenacity, the Mumbai Indians won 5 championships in the IPL for years (2011, 2013, 2017, 2019 & 2020), and it was team captain Rohit Sharma who strategized their plays. The Mumbai Indians are considered as among the best IPL teams in IPL history.

best ipl teams

Chennai Super Kings

The team with the second-highest wins in IPL history is the Chennai Super Kings, with 131 victories out of a total of 225 matches played. This team’s coach is the generous fella, Stephen Fleming, who always prefers to let his players remain in the game for as long as possible without replacing them. Fans and expert sports commentators have noticed that the coach doesn’t change and rotate in their team often, which may be the reason for their success. CSK team captain, MS Dhoni led the team to achieve five championships already in the following years in IPL (2010, 2011, 2018, 2021 & 2023); his 14-year leadership has deeply inspired the team.

If only CSK had several MS Dhonis in their roster, they would be among the top 5% cricket teams that wins the most matches and win the IPL title. They would not only rank among the best IPL teams but dominate this list.

best ipl teams
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Kolkota Knight Raiders

The Kolkata Knight Riders, known for winning the IPL championship twice thus far, ranks as the third cricket team that has the most number of matches won in IPL history, with 119 wins out of 237 games played in total. The Raiders are known to entertain fans pretty well, and having a winning percentage of 50.21%, KKR has really lived up to their name. The Kolkata Knight Riders were underperforming during the first three seasons; however, after acquiring Gautam Gambhir and placing him in the lead, the Raiders started to make heads turn, and fans to notice them. It wasn’t long before the team won the championship title in 2012 (2 times) and 2014 while Gambhir was team captain. However, when Guatam retired in 2018, the team’s performance had significantly diminished, and they may need a new and strong leader to win another IPL tidal again.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

The IPL team that takes the fourth spot on this list would be the Royal Challengers Bangalore. They’ve collected 114 wins out of 241 total matches, which makes their winning percentage of 43.5% – a still impressive feat for a professional cricket team. But even having top cricket players like Virat Kohli and AB DE Villiers, RCB has yet to win the IPL crown. They’re actually in the same boat with three other cricket franchises, which is detrimental to their status in the IPL. The team’s inconsistency is well-known among other cricket teams, sports commentators, and the fans. However, in the past two years, RCB team leader Virat Kohli has shown a lot of improvement in winning matches. RCB might be on the way to winning their very first-ever IPL title soon.

best ipl teams

Delhi Capitals

The Delhi Capitals, for the past two years, have worked on their cricket strategy that has caused heads to turn! Despite them being in the 5th place on this list, a portion of their 105 wins out of 238 matches was won (steadily) in the last 2 years. DC’s determination can clearly be seen in the field; however, like the Royal Challengers Bangalore, they, too, are still striving to win the IPL title. But with the appointment of their new coach, Ricky Ponting, and also a new team captain, Delhi Capitals is poised to take a strong stance this IPL season. Hopefully, they will get close to winning their first IPL title too! 

List of Top Teams With Most Wins In IPL

TeamMatchesWonLostWinning %
Mumbai Indians24713810555.87
Chennai Super Kings2251319158.22
Royal Challengers Bangalore24111412050.21
Delhi Capitals23810512744.11
Punjab Kings23210412444.82
Rajasthan Royals20610110049.02
Sunrisers Hyderabad166788446.98
Gujarat Titans33231069.69
Lucknow Supergiants30171256.66

Some FAQs

Which team has won IPL the most number of times?

Both MI and CSK have won the IPL title five times, which is an impressive achievement by any team in IPL.

Which side has the highest winning percentage in IPL?

This honor goes to Gujarat Titans, with the highest winning percentage in IPL history of 69.69 percent.

Who has the most wins in IPL as captain?

Chennai Super Kings team captain, MS Dhoni, has the most wins in IPL; he’s won 133 times out of 226 matches in his IPL career.